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Bristol DUI Attorney

Benefits of Working With Free Lawyers vs. A Paid DUI Lawyer

As a criminal defendant, you have the right to an attorney. If you can't afford a professional, the court may appoint one for you from the public defender’s office. Here are the core benefits of working with a free lawyer vs. a paid attorney:

Public defenders maintain excellent terms with the district attorneys and judges, which proves beneficial for plea bargaining. Not to mention, their trial skills are exceptional as they take plenty of cases to trial. While they are familiar with the DUI law and defenses in your state, their large caseloads often weigh them down and prevent them from achieving their potential. Besides, they cannot represent you in DMV proceedings.

Alternatively, private Bristol DUI attorneys represent you in DMV proceedings as well as in a criminal court. This makes DUI law firms in Bristol, CT, a lot more competent and desirable overall. Hiring a private DUI lawyer can cost you between $1,000 and $5,000, and more than $5,000, if your case goes to trial. An experienced private DUI attorney in Bristol, CT, can request a better plea bargain or fight to dismiss your charges altogether if possible. As one of the best Bristol DUI lawyers, Bill Beckert minimizes the time spent by his clients in court by handling their regular court appearances.

Top Reasons to Obtain Legal Representation For a First-Time DUI Offense

As someone accused of DUI charges and with no legal experience, you may be incapable of assessing your OUI case's strengths and weaknesses. Your case's facts can be so unique that only a professional can help you dismiss your charges or reduce your sentencing.

Hiring one of our Bristol, Connecticut, DUI lawyers to handle your case can prove highly valuable and can prevent you from facing the long-term consequences of an OUI conviction. Besides, an attorney’s ties with the prosecution attorney and the judge may prove invaluable for your case.

Connecticut OUI/DUI Laws and Penalties

A motorist in Connecticut can get an OUI (operating under the influence) for operating a vehicle while intoxicated with alcohol or drugs. The same charges come with having an elevated blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

An elevated BAC is .04% for commercial vehicle drivers, .02% for drivers aged below 21, and .08% for all other drivers. While there are specific mandatory penalties for an OUI offense in Connecticut, the judge has discretion in determining your fines and the jail time you will serve for your conviction.

Call 860-385-6719 to schedule a free consultation with the #1 Bristol DUI attorney, Bill Beckert. Jainchill Beckert Attorneys at Law is one of the top law firms with a proven track record. Our attorney can avoid a DUI conviction by negotiating a plea bargain with the prosecution attorney. Come by our office or contact us to discuss the details of your case.

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