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Close call imminent crash accident with truck viewed from inside a passenger car in rear view mirror.

If you were injured in a truck accident at little to no fault of your own, you should not wait to seek help from a personal injury attorney. Chances are you are entitled to significant legal compensation for your medical bills, damage to your vehicle, pain, suffering, and more. However, the legal road toward compensation can be complex, especially when fighting against large trucking companies and their insurers. Contact one of our Hartford truck accident lawyers today.

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At Jainchill & Beckert, our Hartford truck accident lawyers have the skill and experience needed to handle even the most complex personal injury cases and aggressive defendants. We are committed to helping injury victims throughout Connecticut secure the full compensation they deserve for accidents they did not cause. Contact us today to learn about your legal rights and options in a free case review. You pay nothing unless we win your case.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Hartford?

Truck accidents are some of the most catastrophic we see as injury lawyers. Because multiple factors may come together to cause one of these accidents, it is important to handle each one on a case-by-case basis.

Common causes of Hartford truck accidents include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Driving too fast for the conditions
  • Following too closely
  • Failure to check blind spots
  • Failure to yield the right of way
  • Running red lights or stop signs
  • Improper turning and merging
  • Driver inexperience
  • Improperly secured cargo
  • Defective truck parts
  • Poor maintenance
  • Poor road conditions
  • Inclement weather

 What Are Some of the Most Common Injuries Sustained in Hartford Truck Accidents?

Again, accidents involving large trucks are some of the most serious we handle, and they often result in some of the most severe and life-threatening injuries.

Injuries commonly sustained in truck accidents include things like:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Spinal cord injuries (SCIs)
  • Seatbelt and airbag injuries
  • Internal bleeding and organ damage
  • Dislocated, fractured, and broken bones
  • “Road rash” and other burn injuries
  • Amputating, scarring, and permanent disfigurement
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Why Are Truck Accidents More Dangerous than Other Auto Accidents?

There are a number of factors unique to truck accidents that make them especially dangerous.

Most of these commercial truck accident factors are related to their large size and include the following:

  • Greater size and mass  – Commercial trucks take up more space and are much heavier than most other vehicles. An 18-wheeler can weigh anywhere between 25,000 pounds when empty and 85,000 pounds when fully loaded. When these outsized vehicles are involved in an accident, smaller vehicles are at a huge disadvantage.
  • More likely to tip over – Many 18-wheelers are upwards of 15 feet tall. Their extreme height relative to their narrowness makes them more likely to tip when truckers make sharp turns, slam on their brakes, or operate them in strong winds.
  • More difficult to maneuver – Because large trucks are so big and heavy, they are generally harder to maneuver than other vehicles. Many truck accidents are caused when truck drivers cannot turn, slow down, or move over quickly enough to avoid a collision. Inexperienced drivers are another risk factor when it comes to these unwieldy vehicles.
  • More wear and tear – Unrelated to their size, large commercial trucks undergo much more wear and tear than most other vehicles. Hauling heavy loads across the country can take a significant toll. When owners or operators fail to maintain their vehicles, mechanical failures can lead to devastating truck accidents.

Who Can Be Held At Fault for a Hartford Truck Accident?

Accidents involving large trucks are characterized by the high number of potential at-fault parties when compared to other accident types. For plaintiffs, this means there are more sources of compensation. However, it also means more complex litigation.

At-fault parties in truck accidents may include:

  • The truck driver
  • The company that owned the truck or hired the driver
  • The team that loaded the truck
  • The manufacturer of a defective truck part
  • A negligent mechanic or maintenance crew
  • Local governments responsible for road maintenance

What Kind of Evidence Can Help Establish Liability in a Truck Accident in Hartford?

Of course, injured plaintiffs will need evidence to successfully mount their claim against at-fault parties. The sooner you bring your case to a skilled attorney, the sooner they can get started compiling necessary evidence before it deteriorates or disappears.

Relevant evidence in truck accident legal cases may include things like:

  • Medical records showing your injuries from the crash
  • Medical bills and other proof of your crash-related financial losses
  • Photos and videos of the accident scene
  • Footage from nearby surveillance and traffic cameras
  • The truck driver’s cell phone, GPS, and dispatch communication records
  • Official crash report prepared by responding police officers
  • Blood alcohol content (BAC) and toxicology test results
  • Screening, hiring, and training records kept by the trucking company
  • Truck inspection, maintenance, and repair records
  • Data from the truck’s electronic logging device (ELD)
  • The truck driver’s hours-of-service (HOS) logs
  • Statements from eyewitnesses to the accident
  • Testimony from doctors, traffic engineers, accident reconstruction specialists, and other reliable experts

What Compensation Can I Recover Through a Truck Accident Lawsuit?

If you successfully establish liability in a truck accident lawsuit, the at-fault parties may be ordered to reimburse you for both the economic and noneconomic aspects of your injuries and losses. The Hartford truck accident lawyers at Jainchill & Beckert can help you pursue compensation for things like:

  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses you incur treating your injuries
  • Medical travel costs and other incidental expenses
  • Lost wages due to time away from work during your recovery
  • Lost earning potential due to long-term crash injuries
  • Subjective losses, such as pain, suffering, and lowered quality of life

Is There a Time Limit for Filing My Truck Accident Injury Lawsuit in Connecticut?

Yes. In Connecticut, injured plaintiffs normally have two years to file personal injury lawsuits against at-fault parties. This may seem like plenty of time. However, remember that the complex nature of truck accident lawsuits means that it can take months to build a solid claim.

Further, cases filed after the deadline passes are nearly always dismissed in court, which eliminates both your right to seek legal compensation and your leverage in out-of-court settlement talks with the at-fault party and their insurers. To avoid this, it is best to speak to an experienced attorney long before the deadline approaches. Contact one of our Hartford truck accident attorneys today.

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If you were injured in a truck accident at little to no fault of your own, do not wait to consult with a personal injury attorney. The skilled legal team at Jainchill & Beckert is ready to evaluate your case, make sure you understand your legal rights and options and start building the strongest claim possible on your behalf. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Hartford truck accident attorney.

Here are several resources for victims of truck accidents in Hartford, CT:

  1. Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT): The CTDOT website provides information on truck safety regulations, accident statistics, and resources for victims of truck accidents. Visit their website at CTDOT.
  2. Connecticut Office of Victim Services (OVS): OVS provides support and assistance to victims of crime, including victims of truck accidents. They offer resources such as counseling, financial assistance, and guidance through the criminal justice process. Visit their website at Connecticut Office of Victim Services.
  3. Connecticut State Police – Troop H Hartford: The Connecticut State Police Troop H in Hartford may offer resources and assistance for victims of truck accidents, including accident reports and guidance on next steps. You can find more information on the Connecticut State Police website or by contacting Troop H directly.
  4. Hartford Healthcare Trauma Services: Hartford Healthcare Trauma Services provides support and resources for victims of traumatic events, including truck accidents. They offer trauma counseling, support groups, and rehabilitation services. You can learn more about their services on the Hartford Healthcare website.
  5. Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence (The Alliance): While primarily focused on sexual violence, The Alliance may also provide support and resources for victims of other types of trauma, including truck accidents. They offer counseling services and referrals to other support organizations. Visit their website at The Alliance.

These resources should provide valuable support and assistance to victims of truck accidents in Hartford, CT