Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Plainville, CT

pedestrian accident

Many traffic laws are intended to keep pedestrians safe while they share the road with motorists. Unfortunately, even a brief moment of carelessness by a driver can lead to a devastating pedestrian accident. Unlike vehicle occupants, who usually have seat belts and airbags to keep them safe, pedestrians have no protection from a collision, and they often suffer serious, life-threatening injuries as a result.

We have some of the Best Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Plainville

If you were hurt in a pedestrian accident, you deserve to hold the at-fault party accountable for the harm they have caused you.

At Jainchill & Beckert, LLC, our legal team advocates for the rights of pedestrian accident victims in Plainville and across Connecticut. We know how traumatic a pedestrian accident can be, both physically and emotionally. Our experienced pedestrian accident attorneys are prepared to work tirelessly to pursue the compensation you need for your injuries and other losses. Contact us today to find out how during a free consultation with a Plainville pedestrian accident lawyer.

Do I Have a Pedestrian Accident Claim?

If you were injured by the mistake, carelessness, recklessness, or even the intentionally dangerous behavior of someone driving a car, truck, or another motor vehicle, you could have a viable pedestrian accident case. In most cases, your avenues for recovering compensation are through an insurance claim against the motorist’s provider or through a lawsuit. You may also be entitled to compensation if your injury was caused by unsafe road or walkway conditions or intersection design.

It is important to speak with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible after a pedestrian accident to determine your legal options.

Who Can Be Held Liable for a Pedestrian Accident in Plainville, CT?

In most cases, the driver of a vehicle that strikes a pedestrian will be liable for injuries resulting from the accident, presuming that the driver was violating the rules of the road in some way. In some cases, multiple parties may be responsible, depending on the circumstances of the accident.

Parties and entities that may be liable for a pedestrian accident include:

  • The driver of the vehicle that hit a pedestrian
  • The owner of the car that hit a pedestrian
  • The driver’s employer, if a pedestrian accident occurs while the driver is on the job
  • The vehicle’s manufacturer or auto parts manufacturers if the accident is caused by a defect in the vehicle or a component, such as the brakes or tires
  • Property owners who may owe a duty of care (which is the duty to act reasonably to avoid harming others) to pedestrians who are on their premises
  • State or local government agencies that might be responsible for the design or maintenance of roads or intersections

Benefits of Hiring Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

If you were injured because of a negligent motorist or due to a dangerous road or walkway condition, your chances of maximizing your compensation will likely improve if you hire an attorney. The Plainville pedestrian accident attorneys at Jainchill & Beckert, LLC, have over 55 years of combined experience advocating for accident victims throughout Connecticut.

We can work toward the best outcome in your pedestrian accident case by:

  • Getting to know you, answering your questions about your legal rights and options, and explaining what to expect at every stage of your case.
  • Investigating the circumstances of the accident to determine whose actions led to the accident and who is liable for your injuries.
  • Identifying all potential sources of compensation.
  • Documenting the costs related to your injuries and other losses — including future anticipated expenses — to pursue the maximum compensation you need.
  • Filing insurance claims and negotiating with insurance adjusters on your behalf to pursue a fair settlement.
  • Taking your case to court should settlement negotiations prove unsuccessful. This may include a trial to a Judge or Jury.

What Compensation Can I Recover After a Pedestrian Accident?

The compensation you may be entitled to after a pedestrian accident depends on the circumstances of the case. However, it may include money for:

  • Medical expenses, including hospital stays, surgeries, doctor’s visits, prescription medications, physical therapy, rehabilitation services, and medical equipment such as crutches or canes.
  • Lost wages if you cannot work while you are recovering from your injuries.
  • Loss of future earning potential and benefits if your injuries prevent you from returning to your job or finding gainful employment.
  • Long-term home and health care if you suffer a permanent disability.
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering.
  • Permanent and visible scarring and disfigurement.
  • Loss of quality of life if you can no longer participate in daily activities or hobbies.
  • Loss of consortium, which means you can no longer provide your spouse with the same love, affection, dependence, sexual relations, or companionship as you did before the pedestrian accident.

Statute of Limitations on Pedestrian Accident Lawsuits

Under Connecticut law, in most instances, you have only two years from the date of a pedestrian accident to file a pedestrian injury lawsuit against the liable party or parties, with only limited exceptions. If you miss the two-year deadline, the defendant can move to have the case dismissed, which the court will likely agree to. If this happens, you will miss your opportunity to seek compensation in civil court.

Although two years might seem like a long time, building a solid pedestrian accident case can take considerable time, so it’s best to contact a pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident. An experienced pedestrian accident lawyer can file the necessary paperwork and keep track of critical deadlines to make sure your case moves forward.