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Injured worker filing workers compensation claim.

How long it takes to settle a workers’ compensation case in Connecticut depends on your injury and healing. Some claims get resolved in several weeks or months. Other claims can take between 12 and 18 months to finalize. In cases where the injury takes years to heal, the settlement comes even later. Getting the money […]

Injured worker passing his workers compensation claim in the office.

To file a workers’ compensation claim in Connecticut, you must complete Form 30C, send the original to your employer, and send a copy to the Workers’ Compensation Commission District Office.  While filing a workers’ compensation claim should be straightforward, getting the benefits you deserve can sometimes be challenging. Discuss your case with an experienced Hartford […]

Injured worker submitting his work injury work claim form.

Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical expenses, partial income, and other benefits for employees in Connecticut who suffer injuries or illnesses at work. This state-mandated coverage aims to reduce the financial stress of injured workers and puts a responsibility on employers to maintain safe working environments.  While the basic principles of workers’ comp are simple, many […]

Injured worker filing for workers compensation claim.

Working while collecting workers’ compensation benefits can be considered fraud and may land you in legal trouble. Even if you have a second job, you cannot continue to work while injured. However, your employer may be required to pay your lost wages from both jobs.  At Jainchill & Beckert, LLC, we want to help you […]

Injured worker suffering neck injuries from workplace filing claims.

If you’ve been injured on the job in Connecticut, you can wage replacement benefits on a weekly basis– depending on your average weekly wage and the state’s workers compensation rates.  Connecticut workers’ compensation also pays for medical care and disability. Nearly all Connecticut employees are entitled to workers’ compensation for an on-the-job injury or medical […]

Construction worker suffering injury at site.

If you’re injured as an employee at a business in Connecticut, you’re likely entitled to benefits under your employer’s workers’ comp policy. Whether you’re a part-time or full-time worker, a minor, or a non-citizen, you can file a workers’ comp claim after getting hurt on the job. How Do I File for Workers’ Compensation in […]

Denied claim form in the table

If your employer denies your workers’ compensation claim, you’re not out of options. Under Connecticut’s Workers’ Compensation Act, your case can be heard by the state’s workers’ compensation commissioner.  You’ll want a skillful Hartford workers’ compensation lawyer representing you throughout the process. If your employer’s insurance denied your workers’ compensation claim, Jainchill & Beckert, LLC […]

Doctor checking patients back pain from slip and fall accident.

After suffering an injury at work in Connecticut, you may worry whether you can still file a workers’ compensation claim if the accident aggravated a pre-existing injury. Fortunately, Connecticut law allows injured workers to get benefits for pre-existing injuries. As long as the work accident was a “substantial contributing factor” that made the condition worse, […]

Doctor checking his patient's leg injuries at work.

If you were injured or became ill on the job, you must see the medical provider your employer chooses if they offer one. After your initial visit, you can continue treatment with any doctor from a list approved by the state Workers’ Compensation Commission. The list contains practitioners licensed to practice medicine, including surgeons, optometrists, […]

chemical handler

Employers in Connecticut who have their workers handle hazardous chemicals will want to make sure the following 11 rules are incorporated into their own safety policies. They should, first of all, have employees perform their duties just as they were trained to do and not deviate from established practices. They should also provide their employees […]