Year: 2023

Female client disappointed with her personal injury lawyer.

If you feel like you’re having frequent disagreements with your Connecticut personal injury lawyer or they aren’t providing the level of service you need, you can fire them. You’re under no obligation to work with them for the duration of your case. However, this is also not a decision you should take lightly. There may […]

Driver suffering arm injury from car collision.

Like most states, Connecticut has an at-fault or fault-based insurance system. This means if another driver caused the accident, you have the right to seek compensation for your medical expenses and other losses from them by filing an insurance claim. However, you may have other options for financial recovery. Is Connecticut a No-Fault State? Connecticut […]

Woman driver feeling worried on the car accident.

Car accidents are stressful experiences. That stress can get significantly worse if you discover the other driver was uninsured. But Connecticut law requires drivers to carry uninsured motorist policies, which means you should have coverage even if it doesn’t come from the driver who hit you. If you suffered harm in a traffic accident due to the […]

Injured worker passing his workers compensation claim in the office.

To file a workers’ compensation claim in Connecticut, you must complete Form 30C, send the original to your employer, and send a copy to the Workers’ Compensation Commission District Office.  While filing a workers’ compensation claim should be straightforward, getting the benefits you deserve can sometimes be challenging. Discuss your case with an experienced Hartford […]

Connecticut map in focus

Connecticut is a “fault” state for auto insurance purposes. In a “fault” state like Connecticut, a driver who causes an accident is liable for the financial losses caused by the accident. The state allows motorists and others injured in the accident to file a claim against the other party’s insurance policy when seeking accident-related damages. […]

Drunk driver drinking liquor while driving.

Connecticut has strict laws regarding driving under the influence. If you are convicted of a second DUI offense within 10 years of a first-time conviction, you face a mandatory jail term of 120 days and a potential sentence of up to two years. Depending on the severity of the offense, you may also face further consequences, including […]

Motorcycle rider wearing helmet for safety.

Connecticut has certain statutes in place to protect motorcycle riders and other road users. These requirements include having a driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement, using a helmet and eye protection, proof of liability insurance, and regulations about the vehicle’s equipment. Thorough knowledge of Connecticut’s motorcycle laws can keep you riding safely. What Is a Connecticut […]

Injured worker submitting his work injury work claim form.

Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical expenses, partial income, and other benefits for employees in Connecticut who suffer injuries or illnesses at work. This state-mandated coverage aims to reduce the financial stress of injured workers and puts a responsibility on employers to maintain safe working environments.  While the basic principles of workers’ comp are simple, many […]

Injured worker filing for workers compensation claim.

Working while collecting workers’ compensation benefits can be considered fraud and may land you in legal trouble. Even if you have a second job, you cannot continue to work while injured. However, your employer may be required to pay your lost wages from both jobs.  At Jainchill & Beckert, LLC, we want to help you […]

T-bone collision happening along the road.

There is no hard-and-fast rule for how long a car accident settlement takes to resolve. Generally, a car accident case takes anywhere from six months to a year to settle. However, it can take longer if your case is more complex or involves multiple defendants. Several factors contribute to the timeline for a car accident […]