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Bristol Workers Comp Attorney

The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that about 5,000 workers in the United States died from work-related injuries in 2019. In the same year, 2.8 million workers in the private industry suffered non-fatal occupational illnesses and injuries. Common causes of injuries are overexertion, violence, falls, slips, trips, and transportation accidents. Whether you’ve fallen ill or sustained an injury at work, you’ll incur medical expenses and likely miss workdays as you recover. Workers’ comp cushions you from the financial burden resulting from medical costs and lost wages.

At Jainchill and Beckert, we advise our clients to hire a top Bristol workers’ comp attorney to negotiate with insurers. We have the best Bristol workers compensation lawyers who work diligently to ensure our clients obtain the compensation they deserve.

5 Reasons You Need a Workers’ Comp Attorney if You Have Been Injured on the Job

If you’ve been injured or fallen sick due to a work-related incident, you should be able to receive compensation from your employer through workers’ comp insurance. To make the process as smooth as possible, you need a workers’ comp attorney in Bristol, CT. Here are five reasons why you require an attorney if you’ve been injured at work:

  • They’ll Protect Your Rights

When you’re injured at work, your employer’s insurer will not always be willing to pay for your losses. If they agree to give you a reimbursement, they’ll try to pay you way below what you deserve.

A lawyer will examine your injuries, losses suffered and make a fair estimate of the amount you should get. With them by your side, the insurance company will be unable to cheat you out of your deserved payments.

  • They’re Skilled

Workers’ comp law has many complexities. Without the help of a skilled lawyer, it’s easy to miss out on opportunities to receive more benefits from the insurer. You’re also likely to make mistakes that will cost you all forms of compensation. Skilled Bristol Connecticut workers’ comp compensation lawyers are aware of important details that should be addressed and what has to be included in your claim.

  • Access to Experts

To prove the extent of your injury or illness, you’ll need reports from experts such as doctors and physical therapists. Bristol workers’ comp attorneys can connect you with competent experts who’re experienced in preparing documents to prove injuries, illness, and disability resulting from workplace accidents. These experts are also your best bet at proving long-term disability or other consequences of your accident.

  • They’ll Save You Time and Frustration

If the insurer is disputing your claim, you’ll spend a lot of time going back and forth fighting for reparation. This leads to frustration which makes it hard to focus on work or recovery. Hiring a lawyer saves you this hassle since they'll dedicate their time to your case and handle the insurance company on your behalf.

  • Appealing a Denial

When an insurer denies you compensation, hiring a lawyer during appeal increases your chances of success. An attorney will collect more convincing evidence to support your claim.

Unbeaten Representation

Ours is one of the finest personal injury law firms in Bristol, CT, where you can get unmatched legal representation for your workers’ comp case. With our Bristol workers’ comp attorney in your corner, insurers won’t stand a chance of taking advantage of you. Contact Jainchill and Beckert for a free consultation; Phone: 860-385-6719. Our Attys: attorney-profiles.html

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