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Bristol DUI Lawyer

Are you searching for the best Bristol DUI lawyer? Jainchill Beckert Attorneys at Law is a top-rated attorney firm with a highly experienced team of lawyers. Our attorneys have helped numerous clients dismiss their charges and have relieved them from the stress, embarrassment, and the long-term price of a DUI conviction.

Is a DUI a Felony or Misdemeanor?

DUI is a criminal offense that can be a misdemeanor or a felony. A misdemeanor is less consequential than a felony and involves less severe fines, penalties, and sentencing than the latter. In most states, first and second DUI convictions fall under a misdemeanor. For a misdemeanor, the maximum jail time you could face is a year or less. The fines do not exceed $1,000 (excluding court fees and other costs).

Alternatively, individuals with two or more prior DUI convictions can face felony charges. In some cases, causing injuries, deaths, or having a child passenger in your vehicle during a DUI offense can amount to a felony. This can set you for one year or more in state prison and force you to pay thousand dollars in fines. Hiring one of the best Bristol DUI lawyers could make matters work in your favor. As one of the top-rated Bristol Connecticut DUI lawyers, we have saved numerous clients facing DUI charges over the years.

Consequences of a DUI Criminal Record

DUI convictions can linger for years and can undermine future opportunities. Some of the short-term consequences include temporary suspension of your driver’s license, fees and fines, court-mandated community service, participation in drunk driving rehab/education programs, and jail time. Not to mention, you will have to pay a higher insurance premium for several years following the conviction.

Not many know the long-term consequences of a DUI conviction, which can be daunting and cause a great deal of distress. Despite paying fines and fulfilling your legal obligations, a DUI conviction will negatively affect your future employment opportunities, professional and personal relationships, college applications, and ability to apply for scholarship programs. You need a DUI attorney in Bristol, CT, to help you reduce or dismiss your charges.

Our Panel of Attorneys

With two-seasoned lawyers, we are one of the top DUI law firms in Bristol, CT. Our panel of Bristol DUI attorneys include:

  • Aaron Jainchill

Aaron is a board-certified civil trial attorney with over 20 years of experience. Attorney Jainchill is a compassionate and dedicated legal professional with an exceptional talent for resolving litigated legal matters to conclusions in almost every courthouse in Connecticut. He enjoys a reputation for obtaining six-figure jury verdicts and substantial out-of-court settlements for his clients. He specializes in intricate personal injury and criminal defense litigation in Connecticut.

  • Bill Beckert

Bill possesses over 25 years of experience in litigating personal injury cases in Connecticut. Attorney Beckert specializes in personal injury claims, workers compensation, insurance litigation, and school and special education law.

Get in touch with us at 860-385-6719 to speak to Aaron Jainchill at Jainchill Beckert Attorneys at Law. Aaron is a leading Bristol DUI lawyer with in-depth knowledge of the state OUI laws and has helped several clients receive reduced fines and penalties if not dismiss the charge altogether. Call us now to secure your future and prevent jail time and other long-term implications.

Client Reviews
"Great experience. I have referred back to them many times. They are awesome attorneys and will help you get what's fair for your situation." - W.L.F.
"Very nice law firm with honest hard working people." - Tina N.
"Everyone at the firm was very professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of legal assistance." - Andro P.
"Fantastic experience with these lawyers. Would definitely recommend!" - Patryk G.
"Great law firm with great attorneys. Very professional." - Luke S.