Reasons for Car Accidents

distracted driving

There are many different reasons drivers may be involved in motor vehicle accidents on Connecticut roads. The claims adjuster for the insurance company and law enforcement who are tasked with determining the causes of road accidents have to consider many contributing factors.

Human error is a significant source of car accidents. This can be frustrating for many drivers, as they have control only of their own behaviors, while the actions of the drivers occupying the other vehicles on the road cannot be controlled.

Distracted driving is another major reason for accidents. The instances of driving while distracted is believed to be on the rise due to the various technology gadgets that are carried into vehicles and that are a standard part of a vehicle’s design. In addition to DVD players and cellphones, drivers can also be distracted by eating, children or applying makeup. While multitasking can be beneficial, drivers should not engage in the behavior while they are behind the wheel.

Accidents are also caused when drivers are impaired by alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medication. Drivers who drive while under the influence are unable to completely focus on driving, which increases their chances of causing or being in an accident. Medical conditions, including those that are controllable or uncontrollable, can result in extremely serious accidents. Poor vision, seizures, strokes, heart attacks and more can make drivers a danger to occupants of other vehicles.

People who have been injured in car accidents caused by the negligence of another driver often require extensive medical treatment, and many of them are unable to return to work during their recovery period. An attorney can often be of assistance in negotiating a settlement with the at-fault motorist’s insurance company. Should the offer be insufficient, a lawsuit might be the next step.

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