The Importance of Safety Signage

worker safety

Many Connecticut workplace accidents could be prevented with adequate safety signs and proper labels. Employers should not underestimate the importance of safety signage in term of keeping employees away from certain hazards and dangers, particularly when signs and labels can be made on the premises.

The main objective of safety signs at work is to inform employees in a timely, clear and unobtrusive manner. Some employers believe that posting red “Danger” signs all over the workplace is a good strategy; however, such an abundance of warning signs could actually become a distraction. Employers who are more interested in spending the least on safety signs are known to purchase the cheapest signs they can find at an office supply stores. However, this might not be a wise decision, as lower-quality signs could rapidly deteriorate in some workplace environments.

Another issue that questions the judgment of employers is when they use laser printers to create rudimentary signs on bond paper. The same printers can be loaded with film labels that feature special coating for signage. These are made by various companies and can be purchased at office supply stores, and this is a small effort that can go a long way.

In the end, employers who fail to install proper safety signage are more likely to face issues such as workers’ compensation claims and OSHA violations. The risk of workplace injuries can be decreased substantially when proper warning signs are included as part of the overall employee safety program. However, even when all safety protocols are followed, accidents will continue to happen, and a worker who is injured might want to have a lawyer’s assistance when seeking workers’ compensation benefits.

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