Tesla’s Safety Record Called Into Question

tesla factory

Connecticut residents may enjoy driving their Tesla vehicles or otherwise approve of the company’s efforts. The company is based in Fremont, California, which is unusual because most car companies tend to operate in rural states. It also has 15,000 employees and contractors, which is more than other manufacturers that build cars in the United States. Therefore, it may not be a surprise that Tesla has had more OSHA violations than the competition.

Between the years 2014 and 2018, Tesla had three times as many OSHA violations than the next 10 competitors combined. Overall, it was hit with 54 violations in that span, and they resulted in fines of $236,730. However, the company is disputing some of those fines, which may mean that the actual amount paid could be higher or lower. In addition to the 48 violations in California, there were another 27 violations that occurred in other locations throughout the country.

According to Tesla, the company has half the average number of reportable incidents despite having a higher number of violations. The company also says that OSHA in California is stricter than safety watchdogs in other states. In recent months, the company has been cutting costs and taking other steps to get its Model 3 to market. According to Elon Musk, producing the car was difficult and almost resulted in the death of the company.

A work accident victim may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits, and this may be true even if the accident wasn’t the result of an OSHA violation. Those who are concerned about their safety at work may be able to file a complaint with OSHA or other safety groups. An attorney may help with either a workers’ compensation or safety violation claim in an effort to have it resolved favorably.

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