Study Finds Older Drivers More Likely to Drive Distracted

distracted driving

Though younger drivers in Connecticut get a bad reputation for becoming distracted by technology while driving, a new study shows that this belief may be unfounded. The report found that older drivers are more likely to be distracted by technology.

Researchers from the University of Utah and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety looked at the number of times drivers looked away from the road to perform simple tasks involving technology. The study found that drivers between 55 and 75 years of age looked away from the road eight seconds longer on average than drivers between 21 and 36. The study also showed that older drivers took 4.7 to 8.6 seconds longer to use in-vehicle navigation systems than younger drivers.

Previous studies from AAA have indicated that looking away from the street for more than two seconds doubles the risk of a motor vehicle accident occurring. By 2030, one out of every five drivers is estimated to be over the age of 65. Reducing technology distractions while driving may help decrease the number of motor vehicle accidents in this age group. Researchers believe distracted driving may be reduced by changing the design mechanism of the technology.

Every year, thousands of people die in motor vehicle accidents. Many of these crashes are caused by distracted driving. A lawyer may be able to help a victim or their surviving family members file a civil claim. If it can be proven that the driver behaved negligently by using their cellphone during the time of the accident, the injured party may receive compensation.

Fully self-driving vehicles remain a technology that is still years into the future, but there are a number of serious projects being pursued by automakers and technology companies to make those dreams a reality as soon as possible. For these types of vehicles to move onto the streets, however, a full framework of regulations, insurance standards and other guidelines will need to go into effect.

At the same time, many of the advances being pursued as part of autonomous vehicle development can also have great benefits for drivers today. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS, can help to improve drivers’ safety long before fully self-driven cars become a reality. Some of these kinds of technologies include front and rear collision avoidance sensors, blind spot detection and lane departure warnings. These technologies have been shown in multiple studies to seriously reduce the risk of car accidents, especially crashes that lead to personal injuries. Another helpful feature is road condition awareness, which helps to automatically adjust the vehicle’s ride based on the roadway.

One reason why the push toward self-driving cars is so compelling is because of the dangers posed every day by dangerous and negligent drivers. People who have suffered in car accidents through no fault of their own may wish to speak with a personal injury lawyer. An attorney working with accident victims might pursue compensation for lost wages, medical bills and other damages incurred.

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