Cellphone Use and Distracted Driving

cellphone distracted driving

Distracted driving is a major cause of car accidents every year in Connecticut. Cellphones are a primary source of distraction that can lead to accidents. More drivers than ever are using cellphones for texting and other functions while driving rather than using them to make phone calls.

A recent study released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that there has not been an overall increase in distracted driving based on data from the recent study and a comparison to prior studies in 2014 and 2018. The study also looked at how drivers are using their cellphones while driving. Researchers found that the ways that drivers are using their cellphones have changed over the years.

More drivers were found to be using their phones for functions other than calling while driving. According to crash statistics, over 800 deaths resulted from car accidents in 2017 that were linked to drivers using their phones for functions other than making phone calls.

The study looked at how cellphone use played a role in distracted driving and found that while using their phones, drivers were more likely to take their eyes off the road. Even though drivers were likely to be looking at the center of the roadway while talking on a phone, their attention was still diverted.

Individuals who have been injured in a car accident may benefit from speaking with a personal injury lawyer. A car accident can be costly because accident victims could unexpectedly face medical expenses, lost wages and prescription costs as well as pain and suffering while recovering from their injuries. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help those who are facing this type of situation file a claim for compensation.

An attorney may help build a case to prove who was at fault for an accident. For example, if distracted driving was a factor, an attorney may be able to gather evidence such as phone records or surveillance footage.

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