Author: Aaron Jainchill

Lady driver suffering whiplash from accident.

If you’ve recently been in an accident in Connecticut, you may be wondering whether you can pursue a compensation claim even though you may share some of the blame for causing the accident. Connecticut law follows a modified comparative negligence system, which means an accident victim can recover partial compensation from other at-fault parties, adjusted to […]

Aggressive dog biting strangers arm.

Connecticut has a strict liability statute. Dog owners are liable for injuries their animals cause, even if they did not know their animals were aggressive or capable of injuring someone. Exceptions include people who are trespassing or provoking the dog. Understanding Connecticut’s dog bite laws and how strict liability works can be challenging. At Jainchill […]

Driver suffering whiplash from car accident.

The intense adrenaline rush following an accident can cause disorientation and confusion. Decisions can be more challenging, and the steps you know to take get lost. There is no doubt that collisions are frightening and overwhelming events. However, your actions in the aftermath of a Connecticut car accident can affect your health, safety, and compensation. […]

Driver suffering arm injury from car collision.

Like most states, Connecticut has an at-fault or fault-based insurance system. This means if another driver caused the accident, you have the right to seek compensation for your medical expenses and other losses from them by filing an insurance claim. However, you may have other options for financial recovery. Is Connecticut a No-Fault State? Connecticut […]

Injured worker passing his workers compensation claim in the office.

To file a workers’ compensation claim in Connecticut, you must complete Form 30C, send the original to your employer, and send a copy to the Workers’ Compensation Commission District Office.  While filing a workers’ compensation claim should be straightforward, getting the benefits you deserve can sometimes be challenging. Discuss your case with an experienced Hartford […]

Drunk driver drinking liquor while driving.

Connecticut has strict laws regarding driving under the influence. If you are convicted of a second DUI offense within 10 years of a first-time conviction, you face a mandatory jail term of 120 days and a potential sentence of up to two years. Depending on the severity of the offense, you may also face further consequences, including […]

Injured worker submitting his work injury work claim form.

Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical expenses, partial income, and other benefits for employees in Connecticut who suffer injuries or illnesses at work. This state-mandated coverage aims to reduce the financial stress of injured workers and puts a responsibility on employers to maintain safe working environments.  While the basic principles of workers’ comp are simple, many […]

T-bone collision happening along the road.

There is no hard-and-fast rule for how long a car accident settlement takes to resolve. Generally, a car accident case takes anywhere from six months to a year to settle. However, it can take longer if your case is more complex or involves multiple defendants. Several factors contribute to the timeline for a car accident […]

Denied claim form in the table

If your employer denies your workers’ compensation claim, you’re not out of options. Under Connecticut’s Workers’ Compensation Act, your case can be heard by the state’s workers’ compensation commissioner.  You’ll want a skillful Hartford workers’ compensation lawyer representing you throughout the process. If your employer’s insurance denied your workers’ compensation claim, Jainchill & Beckert, LLC […]

Doctor checking patients back pain from slip and fall accident.

After suffering an injury at work in Connecticut, you may worry whether you can still file a workers’ compensation claim if the accident aggravated a pre-existing injury. Fortunately, Connecticut law allows injured workers to get benefits for pre-existing injuries. As long as the work accident was a “substantial contributing factor” that made the condition worse, […]