Jainchill & Beckert, LLC Secures 6-Figure Verdict for Injured Middletown Tenant

Middle aged woman walking onto the water spill in the floor.

The Connecticut personal injury firm recently obtained a verdict of nearly $160,000 in damages for a woman in Middletown who was injured due to the property owner’s negligence.

In April 2021, one of our clients was walking in her apartment when she slipped on a puddle of water leaking from the radiator and fell. As a result of this fall, She suffered severe injuries with long-lasting effects, including a fractured wrist. Our client had to receive costly medical treatment, requiring hospital and doctor visits, surgical care, physical therapy, and medications. On top of this financial burden, she has also suffered from a loss of quality of life and emotional distress, as she can no longer enjoy and perform daily living activities as before.

However, our client’s landlords were responsible for performing maintenance and repairs for her apartment. We alleged that the landlords were negligent in this duty, and their failure to properly repair the radiator so it wouldn’t leak on our client’s floor resulted in her slip and fall accident. We alleged they knew or should have known that this failure would increase the chances that the radiator would leak onto the floor.

Unfortunately, there were no witnesses available to support our claim. While this made building a strong case more difficult, it wasn’t impossible. After taking it to court, a jury sided with us awarding our client both economic and non-economic damages to cover her losses. In particular, the verdict awarded about $60,000 for the client’s past and future medical expenses and $100,000 for her pain and suffering and other subjective losses. The final judgment was reduced to allocate for some of our client’s comparative negligence so that the final judgment
was about $96,000.

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