How Do I Get a Police Report from a Car Accident in Connecticut?

Lady driver getting her police report at the station.

A police report contains valuable information that may help strengthen your insurance claim or lawsuit when seeking compensation for your injuries after a car accident. How do you get a police report following a Connecticut car accident? You can access an accident information summary online for free from the Connecticut State Police Accident Information Summaries website. You can also get an official accident report from the office of the responding agency, like the State Police, sheriff’s department, or local police department.

It’s essential to access vital information early in the claim process. However, if you suffered significant injuries from a Connecticut car accident, focusing on anything but your health may be challenging. You need a lawyer committed to helping car accident victims gather the necessary information to build a compelling case for maximum compensation.

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What Information Would Be Included in the Police Report?

A Connecticut car accident report contains vital information about several elements of the accident. Most accident reports include the contact and insurance information of all parties involved in the collision. That information can be valuable if you incorrectly copy down the other driver’s name or insurance number, which is easy to do in high-stress situations.

The first page of the police report also contains details about the collision’s time, date, and location. Most accident reports also include information about apparent property damage and injuries. While this information is helpful, not all injuries and damage are apparent in the chaos following a crash. Law enforcement officers are not mechanics or medical professionals. While these details are significant, you must still follow up with your doctor and talk to an experienced car repair service after a crash. Your medical records and repair receipts are also credible evidence to substantiate a claim.

The second page of the police report often contains the officer’s written narrative and observations about the crash. It may include written descriptions of the event and aftermath and hand-drawn diagrams. Keep in mind that police officers do not have final say about fault for a crash. That is ultimately up to the courts.

Other details in subsequent pages of the police accident report may include:

  • Vehicle descriptions, including the year, make, model, and color
  • Contributing circumstances, such as inclement weather, lighting conditions, and road debris
  • Insurance information for all drivers involved
  • Citations issued to either driver
  • Preliminary results of onsite drug or alcohol testing
  • Passenger information

Police reports can be lengthy and include numerous pages. An experienced car accident attorney can help you understand the information contained in your police accident report.

Are There Other Methods for Getting a Copy of the Police Report?

Yes. There are other methods you can use to access a Connecticut police report. Most local police stations have an online portal you can use to request a copy of an accident report. However, you can also obtain a car accident report from your local police station three to five days after an accident by requesting one from the records division. Most offices are open during regular business hours, but check your local police station for more detailed information about their hours of operation.

You can also call your police station. Ask for the records clerk. They should be able to tell you if your report is available, the cost, and where you can pick up a physical copy. You may also request a completed case by mail. For State Police reports, fill out a request form and mail the request with the appropriate payment amount to:

Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection
Connecticut State Police Headquarters
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, CT 06457

Can a Connecticut Car Accident Lawyer Help Me Get a Copy of the Police Report?

After a significant car accident, you only want to focus on recovering from your injuries. Tracking down police reports and other information can be challenging and time-consuming. Having an experienced Connecticut car accident attorney on your side can make a difference. The knowledgeable attorneys at Jainchill & Beckert, LLC, have the power and resources to secure valuable evidence like a car accident report, medical records, and witness statements.

Not only can our skilled attorneys help you obtain a police report, but we can gather other crucial evidence to build a robust case in your favor.

Our attorneys can also handle communication between you and other parties involved in your case, including law enforcement, insurers, and other attorneys. Our car accident attorneys in Connecticut can build a strong case and negotiate aggressively on your behalf for the compensation you deserve. We will be ready to take them to court if an insurer won’t agree to a fair settlement figure.

How Can the Police Report Benefit Me in a Car Accident Lawsuit?

A police report can be crucial evidence that helps substantiate your compensation claim. It often includes details about the possible cause of the crash, which driver may be at fault, and whether the officer issued traffic violations to a careless driver. Having a car accident police report, in conjunction with other forms of evidence, can increase your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve following an accident.

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