Fourth of July Weekend Dangerous for Drivers

holidiay traffic

Connecticut drivers faced one of the most dangerous holidays of the year on Independence Day. Insurance statistics have shown that there is as much as a 7 percent increase in auto accident claims over the holiday weekend for the Fourth of July.

There is a higher rate of auto insurance claims over this summer holiday than on the Memorial Day and Labor Day holiday weekends that bracket the summer season. Because it is a holiday weekend, many more drivers are on the road than usual and traffic jams are far from uncommon. As with any crowded driving period on the roads, there is a higher risk of encountering distracted, tired or confused drivers.

Distracted driving, including texting or calling family members or consulting maps, can present a danger to other drivers on the road. There are steps that drivers can take to make holiday travel safer for everyone on the roads. While holiday parties can feature a great deal of drinking, drunk driving should never happen. More than that, it can be important to avoid distractions, from dealing with kids in the back seat, picking up snacks or consulting a GPS.

Even the most cautious motorist, however, is at risk of being injured in an accident caused by another party. A personal injury lawyer can review the situation of people who have been injured in such a crash and help them to determine the next steps to seek compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages and other damages that have been incurred. If the at-fault driver’s insurance company offers an insufficient amount, then filing a lawsuit against the driver might be in order.

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