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Workers’ Compensation

Lawyers Representing Injured Employees in Connecticut

When a person suffers an injury or illness due to workplace conditions, it often not only requires costly medical treatment, but it can also impair the person’s ability to continue to work. While employees that are harmed at work generally cannot pursue civil claims against their employer, they may be able to recover workers’ compensation benefits and should consult a lawyer. If you were hurt in an accident at work or contracted an occupational illness, the Plainville and Bristol workers’ compensation lawyers of Jainchill & Beckert, LLC, can advise you of what benefits you may be eligible to recover and aid you in seeking a just result. Collectively, we have more than five decades of experience helping injured employees and we are eager to assist you with your legal needs.

Connecticut’s Workers’ Compensation Law

Connecticut has a specific set of laws that define rights and obligations with regards to the benefits owed to injured workers known as the Workers’ Compensation Act (the Act). The Act provides the sole remedy for injured employees, which means they cannot pursue civil claims against their employers for the damages they suffer. However, in some instances they may be able to seek compensation from third parties who caused or contributed to their harm.

Pursuant to the Act, employers are required to provide workers’ compensation benefits to employees who suffer a work related harm. It is, however, important to note that there are some exceptions to the rule, such as when a person’s injury is caused by his or her intoxication or serious and willful misconduct. Typically, an employer will be covered by a workers’ compensation insurance policy, but an employer may be self-insured as well.

Generally, the primary obstacles to recovering workers’ compensation benefits are disputes over whether the harm is work-related and whether the injured person is an employee. Workers’ compensation lawyers in Plainville and Bristol can assist during such disputes. For an injury or illness to be compensable under the Act, it must arise out of and during the course of employment. This means that it must be accidental harm that occurred while the employee was engaged in the line of his or her employment duties, either at the employer’s premises or elsewhere.

In addition to defining what constitutes a qualifying injury, the Act also defines who is considered an employee. Specifically, it states that anyone who works with an employer pursuant to a contract, elected officials, volunteer and paid police officers, paid firemen, members of the military and judges are considered employees. It also sets forth numerous individuals who would not be considered employees. Notably, independent contractors are not covered by the Act.

Benefits Recoverable in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

It is critical that employees report work-related harm to their employers as soon as possible, as there are strict timelines as to when benefits are recoverable. Workers’ compensation attorneys in Plainville and Bristol can help with understanding these timelines. Once it is established that an employee has suffered an injury or illness that arose out of and during the performance of job duties, the employee may be awarded medical and disability benefits. Of particular note, an employee may be entitled to medical treatment at no cost. Initially, the employer has the right to choose the treatment provider, but after the initial treatment, the employee can select his or her physician. If an employee cannot work at all due to his or her harm, he or she may be awarded total temporary disability benefits, which are equal to 75% of the employee’s average weekly wage. If the total disability is deemed permanent, the employee may be paid permanent total disability benefits, which are based on the part of the body that was injured, the percentage of disability and the employee’s rate of compensation. Employees that are able to work at a reduced capacity may be able to recover disability benefits as well, regardless of whether their partial disability is temporary or permanent.

Meet With a Knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workplace injuries and illness can cause irreparable physical and financial harm, and it is prudent for people who are hurt at work to understand their rights and what benefits they may be able to recover. At Jainchill & Beckert, LLC, our skillful Plainville and Bristol workers’ compensation attorneys are adept at helping injured parties seek any benefits they may be owed, and we will work tirelessly to help you pursue a successful outcome. We frequently represent parties in workers’ compensation matters in Plainville, Bristol, Southington, Farmington, Hartford, and New Britain. You can contact us through our form online or at (860) 351-5254 to set up a meeting to discuss your case.

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