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Premises Liability Claims

Plainville and Bristol Attorneys for Slip and Fall Accident Victim

Dangerous conditions on a property are among of the most common causes of personal injuries. While some accidents that occur on properties are caused by chance and are unavoidable, many are caused by the failure of the person that possesses the property to maintain it in a safe condition. If you suffered injuries due to an accident on someone else’s property, the zealous Plainville and Bristol premises liability lawyers of Jainchill & Beckert, LLC can work tirelessly to help you seek any compensation you may be owed. Our knowledgeable attorneys have assisted injured people in the pursuit of damages for over sixty years. We serve clients in Plainville, Bristol, Southington, New Britain, Farmington, and throughout Connecticut.

Common Causes of Premises Liability Claims

Slip and falls and trip and falls account for a large number of premises liability claims. Slip and fall accidents usually occur due to liquid or debris on the floor of a business such as a bar, restaurant, or grocery store, or because of snow or ice on a sidewalk or parking lot. Trip and fall accidents, on the other hand, often happen because of stairs, sidewalks, or pavement that have fallen into a state of disrepair, uneven flooring, or loose floorboards. Premises liability claims can also arise out of harm caused by falling objects, such as merchandise that is not properly placed on a shelf in a store, or injuries suffered due to the collapse of an improperly maintained porch or deck.

Elements of a Premises Liability Claim

In Connecticut, the person or entity who possesses or controls a property may be held accountable for harm suffered in an accident caused by a dangerous condition on the property, and a seasoned premises liability attorney in Bristol or Plainville can help. Generally, whether the possessor will be liable depends on the legal status of the person injured on the property and the defendant’s knowledge of the dangerous condition.

For example, a possessor must exercise reasonable care to protect invitees from dangerous conditions that the possessor actually knows of or reasonably should have been aware of under the circumstances, if the invitee will not notice the condition. Customers are typically considered invitees. Notably, though, if a business invitee is harmed by a dangerous condition that is a reasonably foreseeable condition of the possessor’s business due to the business’s mode of operation, the invitee does not have to prove that the possessor had actual or constructive notice of the condition for liability to be imposed. An example of a dangerous condition that would constitute a reasonably foreseeable consequence of the mode of operation of a business is liquid on the floor of a restaurant that has a self-service beverage station. An experienced Plainville and Bristol premises liability lawyer can review the facts of your case to determine what legal standards may apply to your claim.

If a person is a licensee, the possessor only has to warn of dangerous conditions of which he or she is actually aware. Further, possessors do not have a duty to warn of conditions that are obvious. A person walking by a business with no intention of entering the business is an example of a person who may be considered a licensee. Lastly, a possessor only owes a trespasser a duty of care if he or she is aware the trespasser is on the premises. Possessors can be held liable for intentionally injuring or laying traps for trespassers.

Premises Liability Attorneys Serving Plainville and Bristol

An unsafe premises may lead to an accident that causes severe injuries, and people injured on another person’s property have a right to pursue damages for their harm. If you were injured in an accident on someone else’s property, you can speak with a lawyer regarding your options for protecting your interests. At Jainchill & Beckert, LLC, we can help you assert your rights and pursue the damages you may be owed. Our office is located in Plainville, and we routinely assist people in premises liability cases in Plainville and Bristol, and in other cities throughout Connecticut, including in Hartford, Southington, Farmington, and New Britain. We can be contacted through our online form or at (860) 351-5254 to set up a meeting regarding your potential claims.

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