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Criminal Defense

Plainville and Bristol Attorneys Representing People Charged with Crimes

Few things are as worrisome as being charged with a crime. While criminal defendants may feel at a disadvantage in a fight against the government, they should understand the many avenues open to them. To protect their rights, persons charged with crimes should seek legal counsel as soon as possible. If you are accused of unlawful activity in Connecticut, the Plainville and Bristol criminal defense attorneys of Jainchill & Beckert, LLC, can review your options for seeking a favorable outcome and assist you in developing a strategy that is suited to helping you pursue your goals. We have more than fifty-five years of collective experience defending people charged with crimes in Connecticut, and we are eager to assist you with your legal needs.

Attacking the Prosecution’s Case

In a Connecticut criminal case, the prosecution must prove the guilt of the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt. While there is no precise definition for this phrase, it has generally been interpreted to mean that evidence is sufficient to firmly convince the judge or jury that the defendant is guilty, with no room for a reasonable person to conclude otherwise. Usually, this requires the prosecution to present compelling evidence demonstrating the defendant’s guilt.

In some instances, a defendant may argue that the court should preclude the prosecution from offering critical evidence because the police violated the defendant’s constitutional rights. These technical arguments require the advocacy of an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Plainville and Bristol, who can review the facts in your case and hold the prosecution and police responsible for any misconduct. For example, if the defendant was stopped or searched without just cause, it may violate the right against unreasonable search and seizure, and any evidence obtained during that part of the investigation may be inadmissible. Similarly, if the police failed to advise a defendant of his or her rights before questioning, the defendant may be able to suppress an incriminating statement from being admitted as evidence if the interrogation impinged on the defendant’s right against self-incrimination. If the prosecution is unable to present key evidence against the defendant, the charges may ultimately be dismissed.

Potential Affirmative Defenses

While the prosecution bears a high burden of proof, criminal defendants do not have to produce any evidence at any point during their proceedings, and therefore face no evidentiary burden. In some cases, though, it may benefit a defendant to offer evidence that may help to avoid a conviction. In other words, a defendant may set forth an affirmative defense arguing that while he or she engaged in the acts out of which the criminal charges arose, the judge or jury should nonetheless issue a not guilty verdict.

For example, if a defendant is charged with assault, but the evidence shows that the defendant merely responded with force to avoid a threat of harm by the alleged victim, a Plainville and Bristol criminal defense attorney may argue that the defendant acted in self-defense. Notably, the defendant must show that the force used in self-defense was reasonable and was in response to an imminent threat of harm. Similarly, if a defendant makes an incriminating statement while being questioned prior to being advised of his or her rights, the statement may be barred from evidence as it may constitute a violation of the defendant’s right against self-incrimination.

Confer with a Skillful Connecticut Attorney

Being charged with a crime can cause anxiety and fear, but charges do not automatically lead to a conviction. In many cases, a defendant can fight to have the evidence the prosecution needs to prove precluded. Attacking the prosecution’s case requires an assertive and knowledgeable defense attorney. Therefore, it is essential for anyone accused of a crime to retain an attorney who will fight to protect their interests. If you are charged with a crime in Connecticut, contact the tenacious criminal defense lawyers in Plainville and Bristol at Jainchill & Beckert, LLC, for a consultation to review your case. We routinely defend people charged with crimes in Plainville and Bristol, as well as in other cities throughout Connecticut, including Southington, Farmington, Hartford, and New Britain. You can contact us through our form online or at (860) 351-3552 to set up a confidential and free meeting regarding your charges.

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