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Hartford Workers Comp

Get a Fair Hartford Workers Comp

Workers' compensation is awarded when an employee has suffered injuries caused by an accident or develops an occupational disease. In these cases, when the claim is approved, the injured party receives a variety of benefits from either the employer or the insurer. These benefits may include medical expenses, wage compensation, and any other benefits stipulated in the contract or in your policy.

However, not all conditions that an employee may suffer will qualify for a workers' compensation claim. If you suffer from any condition caused by your job, it is vital that you get assistance from a specialized workers comp attorney in Hartford CT. You should also know what is considered a workplace injury or illness, so you know if you have a legitimate workers comp case.

What is Considered a Workplace Injury or Illness?

Injuries, wounds, and illnesses that occur from exposure to work activities, materials, and equipment are candidates for compensation by the insurer or in any case your employer. There are 3 basic criteria to qualify for an injury or illness for work comp. The top Hartford workers comp attorneys will be able to help you figure out whether or not you have a legit case:

  • There Must Be an Injury or Illness

While it seems like an obvious point, the occurrence of the injury or illness arising out of the work activity must be able to be proven. To support your case, the best Hartford workers compensation lawyers will help you gather all the necessary information and evidence, including medical exams and reports, and thorough details regarding the event that led to the condition.

  • The Condition Must Occur During the Workday

In many cases of attempted fraud, individuals attribute injuries or illnesses to their work, seeking to take advantage. That's why insurers and corporate lawyers use sharp criteria to prove that the incident is indeed the product of work activities.

When you get the support of Hartford Connecticut workers comp compensation lawyers, they will be able to help you collect data that proves you are worthy of compensation. This will include testimony, photographs, stories, medical reports, and any other evidence that shows that the injury was produced in your workplace.

  • The Condition Must Be Work-Related

This is perhaps the most difficult point to prove, and one on which you must necessarily obtain support from one of the top Personal injury law firms in Hartford CT. Keep in mind that if the condition occurs during the workday, it is not necessarily caused by the work activity.

For example, an employee who suffers a heart attack at work will not necessarily be compensated. They must prove that there are conditions at work that contributed to the heart condition. If you get an expert work comp attorney assistance, they will help you determine and then prove that your job played a role in your injury, and you can get your claim.

Get Help From the Experts

If you are suffering from an injury or illness due to your employment, and you want to get the best possible workers comp, Jainchill and Beckert can help. We are the foremost firm of workers' compensation litigators with more than 10 years in the market, and 60+ years of combined experience. We can guide you on your path to just vindication of your claim. Meet our specialized attorneys or contact Jainchill and Beckert for a free consultation.

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