Get Compensation After A Motor Vehicle Accident

After being injured in a car accident, many people feel as if they've lost their footing. They're unsure where to turn and have many questions.

I can't work; how will I pay my bills? Who will cover the cost of my medical care? What will happen to my car?

At Jainchill & Beckert, LLC, we provide certainty in uncertain situations. Our role is to give you the legal advice and guidance you need to regain your footing and move forward with your life.

Located in Plainville, our attorneys help accident victims throughout Connecticut get the compensation they need to pay for medical treatment, make up for lost wages and reimburse for the pain, suffering and property damage caused by car and truck accidents.

Get Compensation For Your Injuries

If you were injured in a car accident, you have a right to compensation. No one should ever make you feel like you are doing something wrong by pursuing your legal rights.

At Jainchill & Beckert, LLC, we want you to know three things. First, bad things can happen. Second, pursuing your legal rights is not wrong, especially when a collision is not your fault. And third, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.

The legal system can be overwhelming, but we are here to help. Insurance companies will try to pretend they are your friend. They will do whatever they can to keep from compensating you fairly for the harms and losses caused because of someone else's negligence. Our attorneys will sit down with you, review your case and explain your rights. Together, we will develop a legal strategy that gets you the compensation you deserve in a manner you are comfortable with.

The Best Way To Protect Your Interests After A Car Accident Is To Consult With Skilled Trial Attorneys

Insurance companies are often in a hurry to settle cases. Do not agree to a settlement until you speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. Once you settle your case, you cannot reopen it, even if your injuries end up being more serious than you originally thought.

Our lawyers have decades of personal injury experience — we know what your claim is really worth and we will pursue damages that fully compensate you for your injuries.

Our attorneys don't back down from a fight. If insurance companies refuse to agree to a fair settlement, we will go to court. Our attorneys are skilled in the courtroom — Aaron Jainchill is a board-certified civil trial attorney and was named one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the state. We know what it takes to get results in court.

Make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to. Contact our firm today at 860-351-3552 for a consultation.